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Your industry has specific needs. Are you a union environment? Are you a public sector employer? Do you have locations in multi-states? Do you handle garnishments and other attachments? Each state can be different. Customize this class by choosing your topics.

Some examples:

1. FLSA Wage and Hour Laws.
2. Federal and State Taxation, Filing Forms 941,940,W2,W2c,W3,1099.
3. Accounting Responsibilities in Payroll.
4. Garnishments, Child Support and other involuntary attachments.
5. Benefits - Pre-tax and Taxable
6. Timekeeping
7. Proper Classifications - Employee versus Independent Contractor.
8. Exempt or Nonexempt - What's in a title?
9. Record Retention
10. Wages paid after death



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Provide training for your entire staff for less than the cost of expensive off-site seminars affordable for only one or two people. Stretch your training budget and schedule several half-day sessions while meeting ongoing operational deadlines.

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Training your staff is an investment in the future competency of your department and will provide returns in developed skills, more confidence and personal growth. See increase in production, greater accuracy and improved customer service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to assess your training needs. Classes can be customized to meet your needs and scheduled at your convenience.

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