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Winter 2016


New CPP & FPC classes for Spring 2016 are now closed!


Fall Exam classes begin the week of June 27th


Please fill out a Request for More Information to find out more!


Summer 2016


I wanted to thank you for all your help, guidance and support over the years.  I have more than enough RCH to be recertified.  I really appreciate your commitment as a trainer and to your students.  I know taking your class was instrumental in passing the CPP exam.


I will continue to recommend you as the BEST instructor for APA.


Thanks so much for all that you do!


Melanie J.




Winter 2014


Thank you for the class; you did an excellent job. I was especially impressed with your typing J This was my first ever in a chat room.  I was skeptical at first; but it turned out very well. I’m so proud of my certificate!

Dottie from Georgia



Fall 2014


This is the first time I have taken a webinar in this format and I LOVE it. To me it is much simpler and easier to follow than watching  someone do a power point  presentation and not having the audio is much easier for me as I have time to absorb what you type while you are typing the next piece of information.  Plus  I hear you saying it in my mind.  i think it is great.   Of course most of it is new to me, some of the  HR stuff I already knew but a refresher even on HR is good!
Thank you for allowing me to join this class.

I found your class on line, read the reviews ( which are very much true) you are a wealth of knowledge in our field!

Every question asked of you, you knew the answer, and explained it well.  

Kristen B, New Jersey



Summer 2011


I passed the CPP test – I think a got a ninety – who knows – I couldn’t have done it without your class!!!!!!  - I will send more people to you!!!


Michael F from Virginia




Thank you for the wonderful study group. It really helped me out so much. I passed the CPP exam yesterday.


Thank you again,

Jackie S from California 



Winter 2010



New CPP and FPC classes for Summer 2014

Please fill out a Request for More Information to find out more!




Coming soon:

 "Gross to Net and everything in between!"


Click here for more information 



Fall 2009


Here's a shout out to our newest CPP's!


We are very proud of you all!


Jennifer S.(TN),  Dottice B. (MD), Mauri W. (VA), Yolanda P. (CA),  Vickie R. (MD), Vickie Mc. (VA), Minnie B. (VA),  Mindi H. (NY), Karla M. (LA),  Denise F. (NJ), Danielle B. (MA),  Arlene A. (MD), Yvonne W. (NC), Von M. (NC), Kelly G. (VA),         Tim S. (VA), and Denise A. (WI)


 Spring 2009




Congratulations go out to the members of the last class to have passed their CPP certification exam as of April 2009!


Lynn L. (VA), Shannon H. (VA),Gracie S. (TX), Deborah N. (MA), Cam P. (GA)

Kim R.(GA), Karen D. (MD), Maria C. (VA), Kristen B. (VA), Ratna K. (CA), Rachel Q. (IA), Daphne L.(NY), Kree E.(TX),  Mindy R.(WA), Tracy B.(TX),  Wendy S.(NY),  JD (WI),

Rachel H. (KS), and Reshaud A.(VA) 

And our newest FPC's


Vivian K. (IL), Tammy S. (CO), Margaret Z. (CO),Lori T.(VA), Diane V. (MI),

Shawna C. (MT),Terrie S. (TX),  and Sue D. (NE)   

  Way to go gang!!! 


One of our recent successes:


You broke down the book and made it more understandable.  I would certainly recommend your course to everyone involved in payroll.    
Thanks for your hard work and dedication this class has helped me already.
Melanie S (LA)